The Wild Goats

The Wild Goats are a 4-piece band that play upbeat and unique interpretations of traditional American music as well as original songs. Their performances are a joyful reinterpretation of music from a bygone era that holds the power to delight audiences from all types of backgrounds.

The band will often have audiences clap and dance along to the music as they present a unique show with energy, joy, and virtuosity. The Wild Goats are as comfortable playing music for a small group in a backyard as they are stirring a festival audience to a frenzy.

From upstate NY, Hilary Hawke (banjos, vocals), Long Island, NY, Brian Geltner (drums, percussion), rural Pennsylvania, Jesse Lenat (guitar, vocals), Worthington, Massachusetts, Sam Kulik (tuba, vocals). It is hard to resist the rhythmic groove of the Wild Goats .

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