The Tap Rebels

Founded in 2018 by Vanessa Zabari, The Tap Rebels is a professional dance company exclusively focusing on the discipline of Tap, the first of its kind in the Southeast.  Its mission is to create, to present, to preserve and to extend the electrifying art of tap dancing, through exciting performances and educational programming of the highest quality, presented to the widest possible audience. Besides bringing a variety of platforms in the style of tap they perform, there is an emphasis on another aspect that most forget when tackling dance styles — the historic value. Their inspiration stems from the likes of Jimmy Slide, Fred and Ginger, and Gregory Hines, and that’s only part of the list of iconic tappers in history that fuels the unique style of The Tap Rebels. What is most important with this group is that it is a sisterhood, banding together to show the relevancy that tap still has even in a time when other styles of dance take preference.

Highlights from The Tap Rebels