Ongtupqa represents some of the oldest music of the U.S. through indigenous vocals, flute and percussion from the Hopi Tribe of Arizona. Ongtupqa (the Hopi name for Grand Canyon) includes Clark Tenakhongva (Hopi vocals), Gary Stroutsos (long flute) and Matthew Nelson (clay pot percussion), and features music that is as deeply moving as the landscapes that inspire the artists. The sounds of the Hopi long flute–the oldest known flute in North America that predates popular “Native American flutes” by over 1,000 years–and clay pot percussion represent the sounds of Ancient Puebloan culture that filled the pueblos, courtyards and kivas of the Southwest over 1,500 years ago. Clark’s talents as a traditional Hopi singer are unparalleled, and his original compositions keep alive an ancient tradition in an authentic and accessible way.