Maya Azucena

Maya Azucena, a critically acclaimed Brooklyn-native, fuses indie-pop and classic soul to create emotional music that uplifts the soul. Among several awards for her music and humanitarian outreach, Azucena contributed her 4-octave range to a feature performance with Stephen Marley, which earned a Grammy for Best Reggae Album of the Year.

Maya is an avid touring artist and songwriter. She collaborates extensively on stage and recordings with both national and international stars. She has 3 full-length albums under her belt, plus several digital singles and countless recordings as both writer and featured performer.

Based on a personal commitment to help the world through her talent, most of Azucena’s songs are anthems that lend a voice to self-worth, empowerment, overcoming obstacles, and stepping into our “fearless” selves. Her latest songs “Two Sides” “Prettiest’ and “You Matter” are available on Spotify, YouTube, and all digital platforms.

Highlights from Maya Azucena