King Khazm

King Khazm has been a formative force in the Seattle Hip Hop scene for years as a multifaceted artist and community organizer who advocates for community empowerment through Hip-Hop. He co-founded MAD Krew in 1995, a Hip Hop crew that quickly evolved into an influential multimedia production company. MAD Krew’s release of the Hip Hop documentary video, ‚”Enter the Madness”‚ in 1998, helped exposed Pacific Northwest Hip Hop to a national view, a scene the crew was pivotal in cultivating through the organization and production of many hip hop shows and events. Khazm is the producer and co-founder of Hip Hop 101, a live weekly television show for emerging Hip Hop artists to showcase their skills. Khazm co-hosts Zulu Radio, a weekly broadcast on KBCS 91.3 fm, dedicated to diversifying the Seattle airwaves with new school, old school, independent, and local Hip Hop.

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